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The coming of PI and Help a lost soul

So it’s May 13th which means we are now 5 days away from the Tyrannis launch (remember kids set a looooong skill to train ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and so my thoughts are how will this affect my characters in-game. I have anย  industry char so he will obv go and play with PI see what he can and can’t do, train if needs be and see how he gets on with it and if it’s going to be a career path he might continue down,ย  from what I have been reading it might be an idea to get into POS fuel to start with but I will look into it once I can actually get some hands on experience with PI and see what can me done.

And then there is Balan my other char, he is my missioning etc char but lately I have been thinking (after I passed 7 million sp) that I haven’t really done anything with him. He is still in the starter corp (cut the crys of carebear out from the back there, you know who you are) but after reading the Blog pack and seeing other peoples adventures I have had thoughts of taking him out and experiencing EVE properly.

I have played EVE since the beta and yet there is much I hasn’t really done, never done true PvP or even had a proper wander around low-sec and beyond, so that means i need to look for a corp to join, but who ? So I am asking the Blog Roll readers and Bloggers for some help, I need to find a Corp that is pretty casual ( due to my work i can’t do late night PvP etc as i start very early in the morning) who can help me out with PvP and ship fittings etc and who can help me fill in the gaps in my EVE knowledge.

The type of corp isn’t a problem I will join whoever is willing to help a lost soul out ๐Ÿ˜‰