Happy Birthday EVE-Online

So EVE is celebrating 7 years, Happy Birthday EVE and thats also means I have been playing EVE for most of that time as well, that is quite a scary thought.

But hey on with the pew pew 🙂


A Slight Problem Pt 1

A mishap has caused Capsuleer Wazne BeLaww some problems in his return from the clone vats.

My body twitches, conciousness returns, feeling starts to flow back through my limbs I hear a hiss and I am bathed in light.

My feet touch something but i am not sure what it is or where i am, i hear voices speaking in soft tones yet cannot understand what is being said. I tip forward still not sure what is going on and land heavily on a grated floor, i breath and immediately bring up goo as my system flushes itself.

“Grab him quickly, dammit why were you not paying attention to his bay you knew the system was cycling through” I see a number of figures moving towards me, my senses kick in i am in a clone bay obviously my ship was forcibly removed from me as was my pod, odd there isn’t normally this many people around when you are decanted from a clone bay.
“Ah Mr BeLaww can you hear me ? Does everything seem to be ok and in working order ? Someone grab him some towels and help him clean up don’t just leave him naked on the bay floor for gods sake.”
I see some orderlies rush forward with towels haul me up and start cleaning me off, they lead me to the shower units gently push me in and start them up, i feel the water cascade over me and it feels heavenly.
A few minutes later after i have cleaned and dried myself, grabbed my clothes and gear from my locker and made myself what i hope is presentable i head back out to the bay to see what is going on.

“Ok so whats going on and why do i suddenly need a welcome committee to meet me from a clone bay hmm ?”
One of the men approaches obviously a corporation employee and rather senior from his stance and look. He asks again “Mr BeLaww are you ok ? Feel fine and everything working like it should ?

“Yes its seems to be”, as i move about hearing joints pop as they get used to being moved and not floating in a clone vat. “And who might you be and whats going on ?”
“My name is Tairos Koikiainen and I am the CEO of Caldari Steel you are on one of our stations in the Aikoro system and I have personally come to give my sincere apologies to what has happened to you, this has I have been assured never happened before and I hope will never happen again.” He glances around him to the various medical staff who frantically nod their heads and try to be everywhere at once, just as long as it’s not near the CEO.

“Will you just get to the point and tell me what the bloody hell is going on, i have no recollection of how I came to be cloned and i know for a fact that’s not right.” I glare at Tairos, my hands clenching and unclenching.

“Mr BeLaww it appears and we still haven’t found out why but there seems to have been a slight problem with the cloning process and you were not cloned immediately after your pod registered its destruction and activated the cloning sequence.” ” A slight delay ? How long are we talking about, a couple of hours ? A few days ?”

“ah no it appears its taken roughly umm 8 months for you to appear here, we still don’t know how or why it took so long we have stripped the section bare and rebuilt it, we even salvaged your old ship and pod went through them to find out what the problem was and we still have no definite answers.” He shifts uncomfortably as he sees the anger spread across my face.
“8 months !!! 8 fracking months, your telling me I have been floating in the ether for 8 months before being loaded into this clone, decanting and spewing my guts up on the grating over there.” I point to where not long ago I had dropped to the floor from the vat that had held my clone body.

“Yes that’s what i am saying, 8 months give or take a day or two, as I said we really are most perplexed at this and cannot fathom what happened, as a small token we have upgraded your clone to a more expensive version and we have also replaced your ship and all of its equipment, instead of you just getting the standard insurance payout, we have also paid for platinum insurance on the ship as well, if there is anything else we can do please don’t hesitate to ask.” “Can you give me back the eight months I lost ? No ? I didn’t think so get the hell away from me, if I think of something I will contact the local offices here and we can take it from there, for now I am heading to my quarters and figure out how the hell i am gonna make up for eight months of effective downtime.”

I grab my jacket and storm out the of the medical bay and head to the nearest lifts to take me to my quarters.

My Ship

Look at this a 3rd post in the same day, anyone would think this is a bank holiday or something lol 😉

So onto the reason for my 3rd post of the day, I thought I would share with you a few pics of my Vexor a Gallente Cruiser.

According to its info :-

The Vexor is a strong combat ship that is also geared to operate in a variety of other roles. The Vexor is especially useful for surveying in potentially hostile sectors as it can stay on duty for a very long time before having to return to base. Furthermore, it is well capable of defending itself against even concentrated attacks.

Of course that all depends on your own skills and how you have the ship setup.

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