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To Test or not To Test

That is the question.

So when they first announced that SWTOR was going into beta and sign ups were available I jumped at the chance to sign up, later on though as I read more and more about the game my mind was changed. Did I really want to be in the beta and spoil the game for me?

Having already decided I was going to be a Jedi Knight I did not really want to test and spoil the story that you would play through.

Fast forward to a few days ago and i see an email saying I was in the beta, again I thought no I want to keep the game pure but then thinking on it why not jump into the beta i didnt have to create a Jedi Knight character i could try something else possibly something on the side of the Sith.

So now i am waiting for another email saying when and how i can download and get a very brief look at the game before its released, which is now the 20th of December for everyone or possibly the 15th for the people who have preordered and submitted their early access keys.