An Update !

So it is a rainy bank holiday Monday here in the UK (go figure !) so what better time than to do an update.

Things are finally really coming together now, software is sorted, yay for XSplit, a second monitor has been ordered and should arrive hopefully the beginning of next month and have also just ordered a capture card, i have been debating whether or not to get one and after reading and watching a number of reviews i finally decided to to go for it as it would give me the most options for capturing and recording content for Twitch and YouTube.

The capture card is the Avermedia Live Gamer HD perfect for integrating into XSplit and with its on board capabilities it will take off load from the gaming pc.



As for the monitor have decided to go for the Acer XB270HA 27″ G-Sync 144Hz Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor this should hopefully give me some nice smooth gameplay, this will give me a 2 monitor setup which should be enough to have all the streaming software on one screen and gameplay on the main one.


Here is the current setup

 Screenshot 2014-08-14 12.04.21

Much too cluttered for a single screen so the second monitor will help with that.

That will do for now, more updates when things arrive and i can show them off.




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