Minecraft 1.8 Pre-Release

So a pre-release of Minecraft 1.8 had been leaked, and then officially sanctioned by Notch, its rather buggy and obv needs work but they have announced that the final version of 1.8 will be released on Monday.

A number of mod builders and Texture artists have already released versions that will run with 1.8 pre these include Mixcraft HD and Too Many Items, other mods etc are currently being updated and we will see them either once they have finished debugging them or when the 1.8 final is released.

Features of 1.8

The 1.8 Pre-Release is available for testing right now! We’ve done some extensive testing, and discovered the following features:

– Biomes are MUCH larger and uniform than before

-Swamp biome was added to the list of existing biomes – look for vines on trees!

– Vines
Can be collected with shears, in the manner of leaf blocks. Vines will grow on any surface they are placed on

– Beef and Chicken added

– Strongholds – spawn once per world

– Ruins (basically strongholds on the ground)

– Giant mushrooms (Do not generate yet)

– Silverfish

– Creative mode
Allows flying, insta-break, unlimited items from an item palette, no damage, and more

– Abandoned mine shafts

– Endermen
Normally passive, these night-spawning mobs will teleport to (and attack) you if you look directly at them. When defeated, they can drop Ender Pearls, which presently do nothing

– Bow charging
Variable damage with charge, can also land critical hits. Additionally, attacks can crit if you hit a player or mob when descending from a jump

– Sprinting
Run faster, knock mobs back that are hit during a sprint – appears to deplete the hunger bar faster

– New high-quality Main Menu

– Chest animation (lids open, close)

– Player list on SMP; Server listings

– Setting gamemode on SMP “/gamemode username 0/1”, 1 being Creative and 0 being Survival

– Hunger
Depletes slowly over time, can be filled by eating food. At 9 more more bars, you will regenerate health slowly.

– Eating animation

– Arrows stick to mobs

– Xp bar (Gain xp from killing mobs and other players)

– New lighting engine (Colored lights, smoother lighting)

– Clouds are now at the ceiling of the world

– Cave spiders

– Zombies drop rotten flesh, which can be consumed

– Watermelons (as well as watermelon and pumpkin seeds)

– Glass panes
These can be crafted at a crafting table by making a 3×2 grid of Glass Blocks – makes 16 panes. These panes can be placed in lines, corners and crosses, and they will adjoin with the nearest adjacent block.

– Iron Bars
Created by making a 3×2 grid of iron ingots at a crafting table. Can be placed in the same manner as glass panes

– Brick, Stone Brick stairs

– Smooth stone brick
Can be crafted by placing Stone in a 2×2 grid, makes 4 Stone Bricks

– F6 & F7 Adjust the time of day when pressed/held

I doubt i will be able to update much more on the release of 1.8 as i am off on holiday tom, but will have the laptop with me so will try if i have some spare time.


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